Below, you’ll find a listing of my posts that have to do with Samoa; if you scroll down, the second section is dedicated to the work of Medical Missions Samoa.

Samoa – A Brief Introduction — A very short introduction to the country

Samoan Day — A day in my life as a clerkship student in Samoa. 

Things to know… — A humorous look at Samoa.

Rain — Memories

I’m sorry, I can’t do anything for you. — Experiences

Samoa Medical Missions – An Introduction to the Mission — An introduction to Samoa, my connection to the country and the medical team I’ve been working with since 2007. 

Samoa Medical Missions – A Plea — Specific requests for the 2011 trip, including directions on how to donate supplies or financial support. 

Samoa Medical Missions – A Photo Essay  — Photographic memories of Samoa and our team. 

For more information:

Mission of Hope — The organization that sponsors Samoa Medical Missions every year. 

Medical Missions Samoa — Information on the past and present trips. 


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