Bucket Lists

Life Bucket List
Cross country ski down Broadway
Sky Dive
Learn French
Scuba dive
Qualify for the Boston Marathon
Work in Yemen
Bungee jump
Rock climb
Travel to all seven continents
Work on an ambulance
Meet the president
Have kids
Climb a mountain
Ride an elephant
See Timbuktu
Live in a Hispanic country
Ride an ostrich
Ride a camel
Go wingsuiting
Learn German
Run marathons in 10 states and five countries (So far, five marathons, three states.)

Things I did Not Know Were On My Bucket List But Should Have Been
Participate in the Greenwich Halloween Parade
Have a French roommate
Attend a concert at Carnegie Hall
Stand in a hurricane flood surge
Visit the Brooklyn Tabernacle
Jump off a waterfall
See a New York Opera
Have Dim Sum in New York’s Chinatown
Have Dim Sum in Lima’s Chinatown
Climb a vine in the Amazonian rainforest
Ride a Peruvian Paso
Stargaze from the top of an Incan temple


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