Quick Update

Let’s see, it’s been a while since I’ve updated. Since the end of May, I’ve:

  •  Left Perú
  •  Attended my brother’s graduation
  •  Attended my dear friend’s graduation
  •  Arrived in Australia
  •  Visited the 12 Apostles at the Great Ocean Road in Victoria
  •  Reconnected with childhood friends
  •  Found a tree full of grumpy koalas
  •  Watched the Opera House trip out to Vivid Sydney
  •  Hunted down a quokka in Western Australia
  •  Tried a cronut
  •  Worked with one of my favorite med teams ever
  •  Broken my foot
  •  Celebrated my sister’s engagement
  •  Celebrated my friend’s wedding
  •  Climbed halfway up a mountain
  •  Chilled out with my horse
  •  Studied way too much
  •  Taken another licensing exam
  • Come back to Peru

And now I’m off to Iquitos!

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