Facts about Australia

  • Despite what Australians may tell you, Seattle is not in Canada, and Peru is not only a real country, but it actually exists.
  • Beet (beetroot) is an appropriate burger topping.
  • Slices, fresh pastries, and meat pies are taken seriously.
  • The turn signal lever is on the wrong side of the steering wheel. Sorry, whoever is following me!
  • If you say ‘quokka’ fast enough, it sounds like a squirrel with a lisp saying ‘cracker.’
  • There are differences between lattes, flat whites, and cappuccinos.
  • The one dollar coin is twice as large as the two dollar coin.
  • Train timetables are more like guidelines. Really flexible guidelines.
  • It would be easier to sneak drugs past the Customs officers than a single piece of fruit.
  • Short words are popular. Prime example? Arvo=afternoon
  • No one looks at me funny when I say ‘thong’.
  • Everyone looks at me funny the rest of the time I’m speaking.
  • McDonalds has been rechristened “Maccas”
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