Taryn’s Travels

Hullo from Melbourne! Friends have alternately commented that keeping track of me is like Where’s Waldo? (Where’s Taryn?) or Taryn’s Travels (in the vein of Gulliver’s Travels but “with less little people and more blood and guts.”) I’m going to try to be better about updating and hopefully this summer, I’ll get around to fixing all the broken links and photo links on the blog. In the meantime, here’s a brief update! (If you get my email newsletter, this is almost word for word, so you can either play the ‘spot the differences’ game or you can skip it! If you want my email newsletter, get me your email address and I’ll add you to the mailing list.)

Since January, this is what I’ve been doing

  • I spent January to May working with a public health research group in infectious diseases in Perú. We look at a number of infectious diseases, but the ones I’ve been involved with are tuberculosis, malaria, neurocysticercosis (a parasite that can cause seizures), and Chagas’ disease (a parasite that can cause heart or intestinal disease).
  • While in Perú, I developed an addiction to ceviche (a lime and fish dish served for lunch), got to visit the sierra in the northern part of the country, tried my hand at sandboarding (thinking snowboarding…with sand), and am slowly *slowly* learning Spanish.
  • I found a lovely church in Lima that has a great congregation of ex-pats and a joyfully active Assemblies of God church that I attended sporadically to remind me that it’s okay to celebrate God by dancing in the aisles of church. (I’ve never seen anything like it. The auditorium must seat 600 or 700, and people line up, outside in the heat, for 30 minutes before the service just to get in — and there are five services a day! It’s fun to see so many people excited to worship God.)

Here’s what I’m doing now:

  • A rotation in vascular and trauma surgery at a hospital in Sydney, Australia. This is giving me a chance to brush up on my clinical skills, see medicine practiced in yet another country and culture, and, more importantly, visit my adopted grandma and our good family friends. Also, eat meat pies.

And here’s the big news: I was offered a position to stay in Peru as a research associate for another year. I’m so excited to see what God has in store for me over the next year! This means I’ll return to New York in the summer of 2014 to complete my fourth year of medical school, and I’ll graduate from medical school in May, 2015.

So I’m finishing up here in Australia, headed back to the US for a few months this summer, and then packing myself back off to Lima for another year! Looking forward to many more great adventures in the next 12 months.

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