A Story About A Cow

This is a story about a cow. This cow tried very hard to keep me from going back to medical school.

You see, technically, there was internet access in Joras; it’s a 3G cell-based signal from an antenna on top of one of the nearby mountains. When something got in the way of a direct line-of-sight to the antenna, the internet (and cell service) didn’t work. Small children often got in the way, but I could ask them to move. The cow, on the other hand, which was halfway up the mountain? The cow didn’t move.

With the cow blocking the internet signal, I was in a bit of trouble. My school registration period changed, due to technical difficulties in New York and suddenly I was in the middle of the sierra with a cow-blocked internet signal and I needed to register for my fourth year medical school classes.

The first day, I caught a ride with the profesores back into Ayabaca, the provincial capitol, to use an internet cabin there. Of course, then my school’s website was down and an email told us they would notify us when registration became available again. Receiving said notification, however, would require internet.

Back we went to Joras, and the amazing disappearing internet signal. Two days later, the cow herd moved long enough for me to check my email and find out, “Surprise! You have to register for classes ASAP! Or you won’t get what you need and then you won’t graduate.”

5:00 am the next morning, I was catching a ride back into Ayabaca to try to register for classes again. And then, my personal profile doesn’t work on the school website. Often times, a profile problem takes several hours to fix, and I had about forty minutes. I emailed IT and said “Please help or a cow will block my internet again.” I can only imagine that they appreciated that comment, because magically my profile was fixed and I was able to register for classes.

When we got back to Joras, it started raining and then the internet started working. If anyone knows why rain makes the internet work, I am interested in hearing theories. Maybe the cows went inside?

But truly – I was late registering for med school because a cow blocked the internet. Beat that excuse.

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