Hurricane Sandy in photos and text messages

Text messages from the storm.

Water streaming under Hospital for Special Surgery on the Upper East Side

From HKWF Photostream

Monday: Come on over. Address to follow.

Monday: Yeah. Hosting a group of evacuees.

A view towards Lower Manhattan

From HKWF Photostream


Tuesday: What am I supposed to do? Say, sorry, stay in your flooded apartment?

Tuesday: Weather the storm ok?

Lower Manhattan in darkness.


From HKWF Photostream

Tuesday: There was some minor flooding at the hospitals up here and some wind damage, but otherwise, here we’re safe. Hosting several evacuees, though.

Tuesday: Did you make it through ok?

Tuesday:  Ok. Keep me posted. If you need someplace to go after, you’re welcome here.

A view up the Northbound FDR covered in water from the East River

From HKWF Photostream

Wednesday: Surviving the evacuee apocalypse?

Flood water from the East River crossing the FDR and begin to climb towards Hospital for Special Surgery and New York Presbyterian-Cornell.

From HKWF Photostream

Wednesday: A power station exploded (I’ve never seen anything so bright.) 1/3 of Manhattan is without power.  The subway tunnels and most of the major tunnels off the island are flooded. They’re afraid the saltwater storm surge is going to corrode other power stations. The lower part of the island was under 12.75 feet of water. Flood sludge is into the second story of buildings down there and cars and construction beams are piled on top of each other. I went down yesterday to evac some people and was driving over debris and through mud and around collapsed structures. New York Downtown closed before the storm.  NYU, Bellevue, and Beth Israel all had generator failures. We’ve got hundreds of extra patients in every hallway of the hospital and they just keep bringing more in. All clinical students have been made “essential function” and we’re all working round the clock shifts.

Cars floating in the floodwater in lower Manhattan (photo credit Ian Brudniki)

From HKWF Photostream

Wednesday night/Thursday morning: Someone stole my coke. Hurricane looting.


From HKWF Photostream

Thursday: Downtown Manhattan is a mess. I drove through there on Tuesday.

From HKWF Photostream

Thursday: Late night doing evac patients. Going to sleep.

Thursday: Roommate is still sleeping. Spent both of the last two nights working at an evac shelter.

The grand lobby of NewYork-Presbyterian Cornell turned into patient space

From HKWF Photostream

Thursday: Sorry, I was pulling a shift at the hospital. NY Downtown, Bellevue, NYU and Beth Israel are all closed so we have hundreds of extra patients. (And that’s not an exaggeration.)

Thursday: Probably won’t be getting a lot of sleep. We just had a hurricane and our hospital is full.

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