Happiness Is…

Happiness is…

…an eighteen mile run, but only when it’s finished

…chocolate ice cream in a tupperware in the freezer

…a nap on the couch

…long phonecalls with girlfriends

Beautiful Dancer in Sunset

…ripe nectarines

…a clean bathroom

….How To Live in New York

…that glass of vin d’orange by yourself, just because

…binging on tv, because sometimes you need it

…this: ““Hmmm, she had a few wobbles there,” the announcer says back.  “SHE’S DOING SOMERSAULTS ACROSS A FOUR-INCH DEATHTRAP!” I shout back.  [But] in gymnastics, it’s all about the deductions, the announcer explained. In gymnastics, the goal is perfection.

When I step back, when I think of my life afresh, it’s pretty darn impressive how much I can get accomplished in a given day…[but r]ather than celebrating these impressive everyday “somersaults,” I tend to focus on the “deductions”: I forgot someone’s birthday (that’s a fifth of a point), the dishes haven’t been done (another third of a point), my jeans still fit too tight (a half a point)…In life, it’s all about the deductions, says the announcer in my head. In life, the goal is perfection…The Olympics reminded me that sometimes we just gotta step back for a minute, catch a glimpse of the big picture, and celebrate one another’s somersaults.”— Rachel Held Evans

Challenge: Read Rachel’s blogpost, then try to make it through a day without counting your deductions.

If you can’t manage that, keep trying.

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