This is called bragging. (Avocado Cream)

I’m a mediocre medical student. I’m a decent cook. I’m a okay runner. I’m a marginal dancer. I’m a frustrating roommate. I’m a common NYC resident. I’m a fair knitter. I’m a middling neighbor. I’m an ordinary human. I’m a passable skier. I’m a so-so laundry-doer and iron-er. I’m an undistinguished writer.

I am a fantastic sister, and I dare my siblings to tell me otherwise. (One of the perks of being oldest is making dramatic claims that no one can counter.) Being a fantastic sister gives me leave to brag, though, so brag I will. Today, you are treated to one brag for each sibling, because it’s a little busy on the peds floor, and I don’t have time to write an encyclopedia.

Brother 1: Man, can this child sing. 

You can listen to a clip of his most recent song here: Two Points For Honesty.

And you can see his whole group here.

Sister: Goodness, can this girl write.

(c) World Magazine
Brother 2: He took apart a car and put it back together again. And it runs. 

My siblings have nothing to do with avocado cream, but that’s okay. They’re still awesome.

I do have two questions for you – what have you always wanted to know about life as a medical student and/or what questions do you have for me? I’d love to fill you in a little bit more on my adventures in med school.

So what is avocado cream? It’s a pudding from the Southern Hemisphere, where they often treat avocado as the fruit that it is. Basically, you whirl together creamy avocado, your favorite citrus and a little bit of sweetener, and then you eat it off the spoon and say it counts as lunch, because it’s a vegetable (which it is not) or breakfast, because it’s a fruit (which it is), or dessert, because it’s called cream (although not in the usual sense.)

I’m sure recipes for this exist, but it’s very common across the Southern Hemisphere, and people just know how to make it. Although there is citrus in it, the cream can still discolor, so make it soon before you plan to serve it.

Feed Others: This is a pair with anything type of food. I’d serve it with carnitas and strawberry lemonade on a sunny day outside.

Avocado Cream
Makes 4 servings. Allow 10 minutes.

2 avocados
1 grapefruit
1 lemon
2 limes
3 tablespoons honey

Cut the avocado from its pit and peel and blend it well (or mash it in a mortar and pestle.) Juice the grapefruit and add the juice to the avocado, then puree til smooth. Add juice from the lemon and one lime to taste, then adjust sweetness with the honey. Slice the other lime to serve as garnish. Best served immediately.

Posted from: New York.

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3 Responses to This is called bragging. (Avocado Cream)

  1. EpicHubris says:

    I am curious about your thoughts, as an insider, on learning/practicing medicine with the somewhat recent taboo against palpating patients during examinations.

  2. Claudia says:

    I remember my sometimes comatose cousins during med school – or maybe that was their internship! I have been infatuated lately with what you can do with an avocado. This just draws me in.

  3. BeetleBuggy says:

    What a talented bunch of siblings you all are! Reading your stories about med school actually make me feel like I'm watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy 😛 I love what you did with avocados. That is pretty much how I used to eat them too, only problem is, I got turned off avocados after a horribly failed attempt at avocado ice cream. Sigh.

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