Salient Points (Edna Lewis’ Cheese Straws)

I have nothing clever and no expressive writing today, just a few facts.
-My camera broke. There go all my dreams of being a fantastic photographer. Here come cell-phone photos of food.
-I’m on a surgery rotation and the longer I’m in it, the less time I have, as evidenced by the not-even-once-a-week posting here. Sorry, y’all.

-I never know how much to post about my medical life and how much to pretend it doesn’t exist. Do y’all want to read about my experiences, the patients I meet and the character I interact with? Half the time, it’s really depressing, but it’s still life. I’m not a very good food blogger. I talk about things other than food too much.
-5am is EARLY.
-I am eating so badly. I leave the house at 5am and might eat lunch at 3pm, then come home and collapse. There’s a lot of vending machine food throughout the day and I rarely, if ever, have time to cook when I get home 8 hours before I have to leave again.

I did make these fish crackers myself, though, out of left-over
cheese straw dough. That means they’re not junk food, right?

-Surgery is wicked cool. I’m not allowed to actually talk about it, because it will make my dad pass out, but trust me.
-I’m at that point tonight where I’m not sure sleep will help. It might just make me punchy. Really punchy.
-24 hour call really means 28 hour call which really means get up at 5am on Monday, get off work at 10am on Tuesday, and then try not to screw up your sleep cycle, so don’t go to bed til 9pm on Wednesday. Then get up at 5am on Thursday. I feel like the math involved here is wrong, but I don’t actually know if there’s math in this.

And with that, I leave you with my one indulgence from last weekend. (Actually, it was my second indulgence for the weekend. The first was not setting an alarm on Saturday morning.)

The mustard and cayenne pepper in these straws lead to a distinct, yet interesting, mildly bitter aftertaste. These are goldfish for adults. They are light, crunchy and addictive, and very easy to whip up. 
The only change I made to the original recipe was adding a dash of nutmeg and omitting the salt, as cheese is fairly salty already. 

Feed Others: Throw a casual get together, and serve these cheese straws, along with a nice little bowl of Orange Salad, a few Stuffed Zucchini to wow the vegetable eaters, some to-die-for Nectarine Bars for a sweet nibble, and cold glasses of Vin d’Orange cut with selzer and garnished with zest. 

Cheese Straws
Adapted from Edna Lewis
Makes 50-70 straws. Allow 40 minutes.

8 oz Cheddar cheese, grated
8 tablespoons butter, room temperature
1 2/3 cups flour
1 1/4 teaspoons dry mustard
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 tablespoons cold water

Preheat the oven to 425F. Beat together the cheese and butter at a low speed until well blended. Sift together all the dry ingredients, then beat slowly into the butter mixture. When the dough has come together and is forming crumbs, add the water, and beat for one minute.

Knead in the bowl or on a floured countertop just enough to bring the dough into a cohesive mass. Between two sheets of waxed paper, roll the dough into a 9″x12″ rectangle. Slid the dough into the fridge to chill for 10-15 minutes.

Remove the dough from the fridge, and cut the dough in half the short way, then cut 1/4″ strips, so your final strips at 6″x1/4″. Transfer strips to parchment lined baking sheets.

Bake one sheet at a time until the straws are golden brown and crispy, about 15 minutes. Let cool slightly, then transfer to a rack to cool completely.

Can be kept in an airtight container for up to one week.

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