The Last 8 Days

Hello all,

Since we’ve last spoken, I’ve:

  • taken a major exam
  • transitioned to a new rotation (medical intensive care)
  • shipped 250lbs of books to Yemen
  • eaten smores for dinner twice because the only thing I have in my fridge is cabbage. 
  • gone for a four mile run! (Longest I’ve run since December of 2009)
  •  taken a ballet class (And oh my goodness. I was never a ballet dancer and I haven’t danced in two years. That was a bit embarassing. More on this later.)
  • prepped to have one of my best friends in the world move to NYC to live with me! She arrives in six hours.
  • watched Die Hard 2, because I always like a good explosion.
  • slept. This was probably my favorite thing. 

I’ll be back to regularly scheduled posting next week, but I wanted to take one more post to update you all on the Yemen Medical Library project.

I met Dr. B while I was working in Samoa and I’ve been friends with him and his beautiful wife for the last five years. Since 2008, he’s been working as a teaching professor and clinical attending at public hospital in Yemen, which happens to be the largest government hospital providing care to the people of Yemen. In December, he asked me to try to collect medical textbooks for the hospital, because his hospital doesn’t have a medical library. This is what he said then, “Here only 2% or so of people are online (vs 25-35% in Egypt and Tunisia)–…so students and doctors can’t just go look up medical topics on the internet. They study in Arabic…[but] a decision was made for med schools here…to have all the med training in english. [Med students] will benefit a great amount from the books==a new generation of docs who practice evid-based med!”

In the last month, they’ve gotten the library established, with a librarian, and these books will be some of the cornerstone material for the medical library. In his most recent email, he said “Wooooooooooow! This is a GOLDMINE of books! Represents a lot of great relationships with med students! And finished docs, too! Please thank anyone who helped with this project profusely!”

Here’s the tricky part: It’s expensive to mail books because they’re heavy and they’re going to Yemen, which is still considered unstable, and so is an expensive place to which to ship. I collected over 500 books, and just shipped out half of those on Monday. The bill for that shipping comes to approx $1380. I got a grant for $700, but that leaves $680 that still needs to be covered. In addition, I have another 250 books that could be sent if funds allowed it.

Dr. B works with a non-profit organization in the US and so any large donations to help offset shipping costs can be routed through them in order to be made tax deductible – if you’re interested in that, please let me know and I’ll give you more information. Non-tax deductible donations can be made using the paypal “Donate Button” in the sidebar, or through contacting me.

Lastly, as noted below, every $5 donation made by October 10th enters you to win either cookies or handmade, alpaca baby booties.

Thanks for all of your support – I really appreciate it!

Hand knit alpaca baby booties.

Assortment of cookies.
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One Response to The Last 8 Days

  1. bellini says:

    I don't know how you would have time for dance with your busy schedule, but we do make time for the things we love.It's great excercise!

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