Hello, Eaters of Food and Readers of Blogs!

Hello, Eaters of Food and Readers of Blogs!

I am writing on behalf of my dear friend, Wonder Woman, to request your help with her ongoing mission of, you guessed it, saving the world.

In this latest saga, Wonder Woman finds herself buried under a pile of donated medical textbooks that must be shipped to a medical school and hospital in Yemen without a moment to lose. You see, this hospital doesn’t have a medical library and they are desperately asking for one! These books will be the first time they have access to this sort of educational resource. In the midst of medical school duties and the constraints of mild-mannered daily-life, she dons her crown and boots and ships the books off for the sake of justice and humanity everywhere!

Al-Thwara Hospital, Taiz, Yemen
Books to ship to Yemen.
But what’s this?  Evil Arch-Nemesis, Mr. Green (of Clue fame), having watched in fury as Wonder Woman vanquished yet again his older brother Time, sabotages the shipment by slapping a mean $1300 fee on the operation. One knight in shining armor, disguised as a grant, gallantly agrees to cover $700 of the fee, but that leaves Wonder Woman trying to figure out how to cover the other $600. 
What’s a spandex clad girl to do?  Enlist the aid of her adoring fans and supporters!
Here’s the mission:

Donate to offset shipping costs by using the PayPal button on the right.

$5-$50 enters you in a random drawing to win hand-made, Wonder Woman trademarked cookies from the lady of valor and might herself OR hand-made, home-grown, hand-spun, alpaca baby booties for the baby you know in your life. Any $5 increment gets you another entry into the drawing – so if you donate $5, one entry. If you donate $5000, one thousand entries. (And as an added bonus, if you donate $5000, Wonder Woman has another 500 lbs of books she could ship! How amazing would that be?)

Assortment of cookies.

Hand knit alpaca baby booties.

$50+ guarantees a batch of said cookies or a pair of those booties shipped to your door.  No random drawings for you.

Just donate, then check back to see if you’re the lucky winner! Wonder Woman will get contact information from you at that time. 

Well, what are you waiting for?  Hit that button, win those cookies, and save the world!
-Meghan of The Megha Mix on behalf of Taryn, who, unfortunately, has an exam today. 
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2 Responses to Hello, Eaters of Food and Readers of Blogs!

  1. bellini says:

    What an inspiring initiative Taryn.

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