Summer in the City (Vin ‘d Orange)

Hello from Samoa! I’m on rotation here and I guarantee you, I’m so happy to be back in this home. I don’t know if I’ll have internet access or not, so all of these posts were pre-written and are auto-posted. Sorry for any delays in responses or tech issues!
In New York, you can tell it’s summer in so many ways. All of the girls are gorgeous, showing off slim legs and fresh hair in light dresses, worn denim shorts and draping tops. The boys are happily carrying frisbees and tossing back cold beers and sometimes taking off their shirts and everyone is trying to avoid the pungent rubbish piles. People haul out their impossibly heavy air conditioners and order their coffees iced and escape to the island and upstate and to lake houses and mountain cabins and friend’s yachts. The parks are packed and even the lawyers put away their blackberries occasionally. 
If you’re a med student, and you happen to be assigned to a rotation at Coney Island Hospital, which happens to be an hour away from where you live and it happens to be 95 degrees on the first day you go and you happen to get off before five (!), you walk half a mile to the beach, stopping to buy a pair of oddly shaped jeans along the way. You cut the legs off the jeans, tie your blouse around your midriff and walk barefoot through the sand. You call a friend and convince him to come ride roller coasters with you and you marvel at sand and surf and sun. 
Then you go home, tired after a long day in heels and a long evening barefoot, and you pour yourself a glass of this orange flavored wine, mix it with a little selzer and sit on the edge of the roof of your apartment building, swinging your legs seven stories above the street. 

Vin d’Orange

Adapted from The New York Times
Makes 2 liters. Allow 15 minutes work and four weeks fermentation. 

1 grapefruit*
1 orange
1 lemon
1 1/2 cup sugar
1/2 vanilla bean
1/2 cinnamon stick (2 inches)
2 liters rose wine
1 cup vodka

1) Wash the citrus well, scrubbing to get any dirt off the skin. Rinse in boiling water to ensure wax removal. Slice into thick wheels.
2) In a large, glass jar, combine the vodka and the sugar, then add the vanilla bean and cinnamon stick and finally pour in the wine. Stir well with a non-wooden spoon.
3) Allow to ferment for four weeks, then strain through a fine mesh strainer. Serve cold.

*Even if you don’t normally do organic, now is a very good time to do so. These citruses will be sitting in your wine for at least a month.

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  1. MeghanM says:

    Mmm…sounds yummy!

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