What to bake a 15 year old for his birthday. (Baked Alaska)

I bake good birthday cakes.

Exhibit A: A Slug Bug Red Convertible for my sister’s 16th birthday.

Exhibit B: Triple Fudge Cake.

Exhibit C: Ding Dong Cake.

Exhibit D: Shit Cake.

Exhibit E: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake.

Exhibit F: German Chocolate Cake.

So when I asked my brother what cake he wanted for his birthday and he said he didn’t want a cake, I didn’t really know what to do.

“Seriously? You don’t want a cake? How about chocolate?”

“Nah, I don’t wanna cake.”

“No cake at all?”


“How about a giant cookie?”


“A pie?”

“No thanks.”

“Really? No cake at all?”

“Nope, no cake.”

“K, I have to make you a cake. Can I make one with ice cream?”

“Fine. Ice cream. But bake it.”

I think he thought he could get out of a cake by telling me to bake ice cream. Ha. Little did he know.

Notes: Apparently Baked Alaska was very popular during the 80s, but I was a kid then, and I don’t remember anything but macaroni and cheese. For this recipe, pick your favorite cake and your favorite ice cream and have fun. You can even add food coloring to the meringue if you want.

Baked Alaska

Makes enough for 8. Allow at least one hour (more if baking cake.)

1 cake layer, any flavor*
1 square half gallon of ice cream, any flavor**
6 egg whites
1 cup white sugar

1) Place the cake layer on the baking sheet. Cut the carton off the ice cream and place on the cake layer. Trim the cake so that it extends 1/2″ beyond the ice cream block.
2) Place the ice cream and cake in the freezer for thirty minutes.
3) Beat together the egg whites and the sugar until they form stiff peaks. Preheat oven to broil.
4) Take the cake and ice cream out of the freezer. Spread the meringue over the cake and ice cream, making it thicker on top and sealing it all the way to the baking sheet on all sides.
5) Broil the meringue covered cake and ice cream until it’s browned on top. This could take anywhere from 3-10 minutes.
6) Slice and serve.

*I used this cake, baked in a 13″x9″ pan.
** I used mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

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