Can you wear the same thing days in a row?

I am not highly fashionable. You can ask my friends. I wear clothes and stuff, but I mostly just trying to wear things that don’t clash. I don’t own a hair dryer, I don’t wear much makeup. My brother once told me, very charitably, that I always look fashionably windblown, which I think means not polished.

In medical school, I will often wear the same thing days in a row. (Classmates? Have you noticed that? Have you seen that I just change the shirt but the skirt is the same? OK. That might be because it’s the only skirt I own that fits me right now, but it’s still true. Also, one pair of pants.)

Thus, Elaini is an inspiration to me – she’s worn the same thing for 42 days but always looks pulled together.

OK, that’s a lie. She’s really an inspiration to me because she’s raising thousands of dollars to support Orphan Homes in India. To do that, she’s wearing the same dress for 100 days. Each day, she styles it differently. I’ve been following her since day 1 and she’s done an amazing job. Check out her site, her beautiful pictures, and donate to her cause.

(Classmates, I will buy another skirt soon. I promise. Maybe.)

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