I am getting whupped.

Last summer, I got a nasty illness that left me more or less in bed for five weeks. I lost 15 pounds, missed a half marathon and slept through most of June and July. By the time I was finally ready to start exercising again, in late September, I was a little skeletal and definitely not in shape. I’d been a weak rag for four months.

Of course, two weeks after I started exercising, I broke a bone in my foot. That left me unable to exercise effectively until December, when it was discovered that I was significantly underweight for an unknown reason, and I was banned from exercising until the weight went back on.

Fast forward to last week: I was still underweight, still weak and fatigued and still very much not in shape. More than fed up with the lack of exercise (no dancing! no running! no hiking! no long walks! no biking! no lifting, ellipticals, swimming, riding or anything else that burns calories! but they couldn’t stop me from walking the five flights up to my apartment.), I finally begged my doctor to let me start exercising again. I mean, I’m too skinny anyway, why not be a little skinnier? Or at least, why not be skinny, but not as stir-crazy?

Then a friend gave me a one week membership to a swank gym in town and I jumped at the chance. Yoga, yogafication (whatever that is?), pilates, Zumba, Barre method, spinning, aerobics, ab work, cardio, boxing, etc, etc, etc.

I’d never tried any except beginner yoga before, but I threw myself in whole heartedly. I loved vinyasa yoga, which is the type that I’ve sort of bastardized at home, Barre Burn was like ballet crossed with pilates crossed with nice boot camp, pilates mat left my abs crying for relief, spinning was an excellent workout and Zumba? Zumba felt like 60 women crammed in a studio trying to follow a class leader who did not explain moves, just did them, and expected everyone to follow her. I’m sure we looked like a class of chickens trying to flail through little tiny strings of bubble gum that kept getting in our way.

All of that to say – I loved my week at the gym. I’d definitely become a regular at yoga, Barre Burn, pilates and spinning and (yes, I’ll say it), there were a ton of cute guys there. Oh, money, why do you exist?

(c) Stan Drennan
(Unless you have a tendency to injure yourself on a regular basis.) (No comment.)

Also! Check out The Megha Mix written by a good friend about a clothing swap I hosted. Yes, the Lemon Curd was mentioned and I promise I’ll post scones, soon. 

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