I was not going to post on Royal Wedding Day…

…but I can’t resist, because this is too precious for words.

My friend, Christa Taylor, was gracious enough to post about both Catherine Middleton and my wonderful mother on her blog, Empowered Traditionalist.

You should read her post and check out her wonderful site which speaks to classical and  modest fashion (and has beyond gorgeous photography, the perk of being a pro photographer), but here’s the picture worth a thousand words and the comment that my father made.

“Kate’s dress was a classic….and seemed oddly familiar. It has been 26 years but I remember another beautiful stunning classic gown. Both dresses are classics and share common themes: high elegant neckline, embroidered bodice and skirt, lace sleeves, long train. The blond is much prettier though.”

Catherine Middleton, 2011, left, my mother, 1984, right. 

Someday, if and when I get married, I will be wearing my mother’s dress and that makes me just a little tearful.

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One Response to I was not going to post on Royal Wedding Day…

  1. MeghanM says:

    Love, love, love this, Tar.

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