Was it the fog?

Today, when my bus pulled into New York, I thought to myself, “meh.” Not even capital Meh, just meh. Usually, when I return to this city after being away and I see the skyline, I think to myself, “Wow. I live here. I belong here right now. How many people wish they could say that? I am living out the coolest adventure.”

Usually awe-inspiring.
 I get mildly emotional and choked up and feel warm and fuzzy towards NYC until someone pushes me out of the way at the grocery store or I have to wedge myself onto the six train or a taxi splashes me and then yells obscenities in Pashto. I might even feel warm and fuzzy about those events for a few days. 
Friendly New York
But today, I felt “meh.” Maybe it was because I was tired, and wedged onto the fullest Megabus I have ever seen. Maybe it was because I was unexcited about studying for Step 1. Maybe it was because I was not looking forward to dragging my two suitcases across the city to my apartment. Maybe it was the fog, low enough to obscure any building top taller than 20 floors. 
But today and NYC? meh. 
This is how I feel. 
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One Response to Was it the fog?

  1. MeghanM says:

    I am extra meh. Because this means you can't come hang out with me today.

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